• Don Berridge

  • Bob Keim, CPA

Exciting News!

Warriors at Sail Foundation has an agreement to acquire two more Catalina 22's!  One is an 80's model which will be restored for overnight trips. 

Most of the boats that are donated to us need a complete restoration. We need volunteers who like getting dirty learning how to safely work with small fiberglass sail boats. 

Our tasks include sanding and painting polyurathane and other paints that demand personal protection.  We will refunish and varnish wood.  You will be amazed at how easy it is to work wih fiberglass and epoxy.  It can be hot, uncomfortable work (because of the personal protection), but very rewarding as you watch the boat transform in into something that will make you proud. 

We have a facility in Nolensville where we can work inside with a gantry crain to help roll and position the boats to make the work easier.  We have a large commercial air compressor to power sanders

Don't sit on the sidelines!  Come of out and help us prepare the boats so we can have a program with a number of boats next Spring!   Contact us at the email address:


Don Picked up our 4th Catalina 22

This makes the fleet four boats stong!  

We really appreciate the offers to help restore these boats and will schedule a work session the first weekend in November so we can start the serious restoration work this Winter.

We are not ready to make any announcements, but we are working on some very exciting news!